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Logotypes: Intel

The world's largest semiconductor chip maker

  • Logotypes: Intel
  • Logotypes: Intel
  • Logotypes: Intel
Since 1968, Intel Corporation has been recognized all over the world because of its new integrated electronics. Intel Corp. has worked very intelligently on its marketing strategies. It has become one of the major established computer brands because of its once prolonged "Intel Inside" campaign. Around 39 years ago, the Intel logo which featured a "dropped e" was designed by Silicon Valley pioneers Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. In 1991, the company signified the Intel logo with the "Intel Inside" slogan in order to promote the new redesigned insignia.

In 2002, the company renovated the Intel logo from the "dropped e" representation to a "swoosh" around the firm name with an intelligent "Leap Ahead" slogan. This Intel logo with a slogan reflects the company’s goal to drive up to the next leap with an intelligent approach.

The new redesigned Intel logo highlights a swoosh wrapping the company name with a "Leap Ahead" slogan. It enhances the exquisiteness of the Intel logo along with working on the marketing scheme of stepping ahead.

Intel logo is tinted in dull blue shade which projects a notion of supremacy and authority of the Intel Corp. The blue hue reflects a highly professional idea and totally compliments the company and its products.


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